About Us

Welcome to Lyall Public School, Bikaner

Lyall Public School  has over 19 years of experience in the field of  education, during which Our school has  offered a standardized CBSE based curriculum while adding in elements of value that inculcate the requirements of  21st Century skills like critical thinking and problem solving through interactive events, activities and role playing games in the classrooms. We have been keeping track of the latest teaching methods adopted by the best international schools in India as well as abroad. Each child is encouraged in his or her course of work ranging from lessons in the classrooms to activities outside. Every child is focused upon with equal regards and corrective measures taken, if required. We are open to correction at each and every step and our USP is personal and direct interaction with parents for the problems faced by children during the course of studies.


VALUE EDUCATION : To create an environment that  encourages freedom of thought while imparting the zeal of self-discipline, self-study habbits, punctuality, fair play and worthness to become better citizens.

SENSE OF BELONGIGNESS : To actualize a homely atmosphere where a right proposition of care and control is administered indulging  in regards to the emotional and intellectual needs of a child.






Learning by Fun is the latest technique of brain development of every child. These are the latest education techniques in which things which are meant to be taught in the childhood are taught to the children by the virtue of gaming which helps in gaining proficiency and command on both English as well as Hindi language and along with that, it makes them perfect in translation in both the languages. Alongwith making master-mind in Mathematics  and science is through specially designed books of Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Toddler Training and Drawing, this technique makes the base of children very strong in a very simple and easy way from class Nursery to Class 8th, which will be helpful throughout their life especially in secondary, senior secondary, college and higher education.