Month Date Day Event
April 14.04.2018 Saturday Ambedkar Jayanti
April 18.04.2018 Wednesday Akshay Tritya
May 14.05.2018 Monday Summer Vacation Start
June 15.06.2018 Friday Eid-UL-Fitar
July 02.07.2018 Monday School Re-open
August 22.08.2018 Wednesday Eid-UL-Zuha
August 26.08.2018 Sunday Raksha Bandhan
September 03.09.2018 Thursday Janmashtami
September 19.09.2018 Wednesday Ramdev Jayanti
September 21.09.2018 Friday Muharram
October 10.10.2018 Wednesday Navratri Sthapana
October 17.10.2018 Wednesday Durgashtami
October 18.10.2018 Thursday Maha Navami
October 19.10.2018 Friday Dussehra
November 07.11.2018 Wednesday Deepawali
(Deepawali Break – 05.11.2018 to 10.11.2018)
November 21.11.2018 Wednesday Barawafat
November 23.11.2018 Friday Guru Nanak Jayanti
December 25.12.2018 Tuesday Christmas
(Winter Break – 24.12.2018 to 01.01.2019)
March 04.03.2019 Monday Maha Shivratri
March 20.03.2019 Wednesday Holika Dahan
March 21.03.2019 Thursday Holi



Month Date Day Events
July 23.07.2018 Monday Pre-term (Class I to X)
August 20.08.2018 Monday Quarterly Exam (Nur, LKG, UKG)
September 17.09.2018 Monday Mid-term (Class I to X)
November 19.11.2018 Monday Half-Yearly Exam (Nur, LKG, UKG)
December 10.12.2018 Monday Post-term (Class I to X)
March 05.03.2019 Tuesday Final-term (All Classes)



MONTH/DATE/DAY                                        ACTIVITY

April, 2018

02.04.2018 (Monday)                             New Session Start

17.04.2018 (Tuesday)                             Kite Making Competition

28.04.2018 (Saturday)                            PTM for all classes

May, 2018

05.05.2018 (Saturday)                            Drawing Competition

10.05.2018 (Thursday)                            Mothers’ Day Celebration

12.05.2018 (Saturday)                            Salad Decoration Competition

July, 2018

02.07.2018 (Monday)                             School Re-opens

07.07.2018 (Saturday)                            English Handwriting Competition

14.07.2018 (Saturday)                            PTM for all classes

23.07.2018 (Monday)                             Pre-term Start (Class I to X)

August, 2018                                                           Mirror Classes

04.08.2018 (Saturday)                            Hindi Handwriting Competition

08.08.2018 (Wednesday)                       Solo Song Competition

11.08.2018 (Saturday)                            Flag Making (Class I to V) / Poster Making Competition (Class VI to IX)

15.08.2018 (Wednesday)                       Independence Day Celebration

18.08.2018 (Saturday)                            PTM (Result of Pre-term)

20.08.2018 (Monday)                             Quarterly Exam Start (Nur, LKG, UKG)

25.08.2018 (Saturday)                            Rakhi Making Competition

27.08.2018 (Monday)                             Inspection of Note-books Start

September, 2018                                                    Debate (Class IV to X)

04.09.2018 (Tuesday)                             Teachers’ Day Celebration (Class Nur to IV)

05.09.2018 (Wednesday)                       Teachers’ Day Celebration (Class V to X)

08.09.2018 (Saturday)                            PTM (Quarterly Exam Result)

17.09.2018 (Monday)                             Mid-term (Half yearly) Start (Class I to X)

22.09.2018 (Saturday)                            One Minute Competition (Nur, LKG, UKG)

29.09.2018 (Saturday)                            English Recitation Competition (Class Nur to V)

October, 2018                                                         English Week (Class IV to X)

02.10.2018 (Tuesday)                             Gandhi/Shastri Jayanti Celebration

06.10.2018 (Saturday)                            G.K. Quiz Competition

10.10.2018 (Wednesday)                       Solo Dance Competition

12.10.2018 (Friday)                                                Card Making Competition (Class I to IX)

13.10.2018 (Saturday)                            PTM – Result of Mid-term (Half yearly)

26.10.2018 (Friday)                                                Fancy Dress Competition (Class Nur to III)

27.10.2018 (Saturday)                            Rangoli, Mehndi, Diya, Crackers, Candle Making Competition (Class I to VIII)

November, 2018                                                     Presentation Skills (Class IV to X)

14.11.2018 (Wednesday)                       Children’s Day Celebration

17.11.2018 (Saturday)                            Speech Competition (Class I to V)

19.11.2018 (Monday)                             Half-yearly Exam Start (Class Nur, LKG, UKG)

19.11.2018 (Monday)                             Hindi Recitation Competition (Class I to V)

24.11.2018 (Saturday)                            English Debate (Class IV to IX)

December, 2018                                                     Dialogue (Class IV to X)

01.12.2018 (Saturday)                            Story Telling Competition (Class I to V)

08.12.2018 (Saturday)                            PTM for all classes

10.12.2018 (Monday)                             Post-term Start (Class I to X)

22.12.2018 (Saturday)                            Christmas Celebration

January, 2019                                                         Poetry Writing Skills (Class VI to X)

12.01.2019 (Saturday)                            PTM for all classes

16.01.2019 (Wednesday)                       Spelling Competition (Class LKG to V)

19.01.2019 (Saturday)                            Patriotic Song Competition

26.01.2019 (Saturday)                            Republic day Celebration

28.01.2019 (Monday)                             Sports Week Start

February, 2019                                                       Group Discussion

02.02.2019 (Saturday)                            Extempore

06.02.2019 (Wednesday)                       Inspection of Note-books start

March, 2019

05.03.2019 (Tuesday)                             Final Exam Start for All Classes

23.03.2019 (Saturday)                            Result for all classes

April, 2019

01.04.2019 (Monday)                             New Session (2019-20) begins