Mission And Vision


“To create the Most Respected Education Brands that provides highest quality services to students worldwide in a sustainable and scalable way.”

The vision of lyall School is to be of WORLD CLASS in school learning and innovation driven by social sensitivity and latest teaching methodology. By 2020, with the help of experts we will be among one of the best schools in qualitative education and inputs for personality development to suit ever-changing needs of Industry and Society.


Integrating Technology in education to make our students “Future Ready”.


Indian Education International Approach.



      • To develop young learners with active and creative minds to think intensively and critically with a strong secular ethos
      • To instill in them a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs
      • To provide each student a diverse education that promotes self-discipline, sense of responsibility, social and global consciousness and excellence in learning
      • To assist the students in developing skills to become independent holistic learners empowered for life, help them grow into better human beings and make this planet a better place
      • Providing finest quality education that will evolve in step with the changes that take place globally in the field of Education.
      • To provide educational facilities that rank at par with those offered in the world’s finest educational institution.